Therapeutic & Thai Massage


Penny creates an environment of comfort and safety, listening and seeing everyone as the unique individual they are. Compassionately addressing each person’s needs, she shares her 25 years of training and experience in the healing arts to help the body and mind remember ease, freedom from stress and overall relaxation. In her practice, Penny uses lighter and deeper pressure depending on a person’s situation, sometimes incorporating passive stretching. After the massage, you will leave feeling like a different person ready for a new day.


Thai Massage

Laying clothed on a Thai floor mat, Penny helps to waken the energy lines (Sin) on your body using palm and finger pressure, taking you into deep but gentle yoga like stretches. Her style is influenced by both Northern (stretching) and Southern (acupressure) Thailand, bringing you to a revitalized, rejuvenated sense of well being and relaxation.